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Everything In-between

As breifly mentioned, I had to make a portfolio to showcase everything I have done this year. While most of my peers are making websites and slideshows, I already had a blog, so why not use it! All of the posts under this category are the bits and pieces to my overall portfolio. It includes the details of my class, a little "about me" section, and a page specifically dedicated to each project. The projects were the 4 sections I decided to split my year up into, each dedicated to learning a new set of skills, with the result of a new addition to my cook book. Within these reflections, I discuss what the intent was, what I accomplished, what I learned and how I grew. These reflections are a good overview of how my life changed and grew during the past few months. I learned many valuable skills, met some amazing people, and grew a lot of confidence in myself and my capabilities. While this year absolutely drained me, it showed me what I am capable of. It showed me that there is always room for improvement, but also that if you try with all of your effort, things really will fall into place.

Before I submit this portfolio, I have a bit of a list of people to thank.

First, Ms. G, thanks for always believing in me, and pushing me to be my best. I think I have learned more in your class than I even thought was possible to learn in one year. Whether it was telling me to stop distracting everyone and to get back on track, or your surprise appearance at one of my pop ups, I have really appreciated your support through this year.

Second, my grandma and my aunt. Without you where would my inspiration come from?! Thank you for all of the advice, recipes, late night calls when I couldn't figure out what was wrong, and everything in-between. This would not have been possible with out you.

Third, to all of the people who tried my recipes and gave feedback. Without that piece, none of this would exist. It is the reason I stayed motivated, and the reason why I am so proud to be able to call all of these my own. Even when it was harsh, the feedback I was given shaped me and this project.

Finally, my mom. For all of the late night baking, cleaning, and crying; all of the telling me I'm being dramatic, or that you are proud of what I have done. Well, I really could not have done it (the drama and the baking) without you.

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