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Projects, Israel, and Progress Update?

So the idea of me keeping this blog updated about this year's project and the journey of my cookbook very much did not happen. I suppose this will just be one big update of the year (different from my portfolio which is soon to come). I started my first project, which was developing all of my recipes, and my oven broke...which led me to fixing this website up! I have never been more tired than when trying to finish creating all of these recipes, but I did it. My next project was learning about food photography and taking pictures for the book. I was able to meet with the amazing photographer Nathan Zucker, who taught me everything I could ever know. Whether it is placement of plates, or the angle I'm using, he was such an amazing help, and a critical part to this process. Around this point, I found out I was accepted into a study abroad program in Israel through Alexander Muss High School. This was an 8 week program, and little did I know it would completely change my life. January 23rd I took off, and my book kind of came to a halt (I was in another country, cut me some slack). Instead, while I was there I took food vlogs of the most exciting things I ate. While it was a very different direction than the rest of my project, I value it so much. It is fascinating how much one can connect with a culture just because of the food. Also, I became pescatarian and dairy free! When I got back, I had more work than I could even imagine to do. I decided to cut out my fourth project, which was publishing and publicity. I realized there was absolutely no way to get everything done. Instead, I have focused these past few weeks on formatting the book which is so. much. work. I also have come to the realization that this will not be perfect. There is simply no time for perfect, so after this school year, I will be publishing this book on my own, just because I want to. No grade, no objectives I have to meet, and a whole lot more time on my hands, so watch out for the publishing in Summer 2023!

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